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Elsie & Richie’s Montara Beach, California Engagements

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February 5, 2023

This engagement session at Montara State Beach in California was really a dream come true. I was traveling to California to visit friends and explore the area, so when Elsie reached out asking if I would be in San Francisco anytime soon, I jumped at the opportunity! I had never been to California, so to book a session while I was there was just icing on the cake! I went with my friend Emily, and we drove an hour from San Jose to meet Elsie & Richie. These two are so kind and so relaxed in front of the camera; they made my job so easy!

The day of the session, we almost had to cancel. It has been raining in California for two days at this point, and wasn’t stopping anytime soon. We got to the beach an hour before the session and it was insanely foggy and misty. A vibe for sure, but not ideal weather for a photoshoot. Once I finished scouting the location I was drenched. By the time Elsie & Richie got to the session, the mist has subsided enough. We did the session as quick as we could to beat the weather and it seriously turned out perfect. The overcast lighting was such a vibe and really set the mood for their session. The fog in the background of the images was so romantic and I couldn’t have asked for a cooler weather environment for my first session every in California.

So, all of that to say

Montara State Beach, California engagement sessions are truly the way to go. 10/10 would do it again (in the summer when it’s warm and sunny and golden, please)!

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