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I truly am so happy you found your way to me! Whether you're just shopping around or you think we'd make a great match, I hope you leave this site feeling like you're fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139!!!)! I guess you need to know a little bit about me, so here's a little snippet:

I started photography when I was 16 years old, the summer coming out of my sophomore year of high school. I thought I was going to be a famous YouTuber at the time. Photography wasn't even on the table. It wasn't until one of my friends got on homecoming court and I took her pictures when I realized, "hey, this is kind of fun! And I think I might be good at this!?" 

Fast forward 6 years (WOAH!) and here I am running a full time photography business! I've made mistakes, grown, and been stretched in ways I never would have guessed. I learn more and more everyday. If it wasn't for people investing in little 17 year old me, I would never be where I am today. The Lord truly gave me a sweet gift that I can use to give back to His people and to His church! Capturing core memories is the sweetest honor of my life! I am so thankful to do what I do, and that my job is the funnest (it's a word, promise). 

To me, photography is the most beautiful marriage of

art and connection.

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In the words of Henry David Thoreau, “It’s not about what you look at. It’s what you see.” I believe in photographing those little things you might not even notice that capture your flow as a couple. The in-between moments, glances, crinkle-eye smiles, goosebumps. There’s nothing more beautiful and fascinating to me than the pure joy, excitement, and comfort of two people wildly in love. 

There’s no need for perfect poses, perfect weather, perfect outfits, or a perfect location to capture the perfect memory. It’s about a snapshot in time - those photos that allow you to hold a feeling in your hands.

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