Are you traveling? Let me pack my suitcase! 

2023 Bucket List

Big Sur, California
Nashville, Tennessee 
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Charleston, South Carolina

New York, New York
Boston, Massachusetts 
Southern Utah

Salt Flats, Utah
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Houston, Texas
Southern California

Phoenix, Arizona
Yosemite, California
Portland, Oregan 
Chicago, Illinois

Maybe if you're getting married at one of my bucket list locations you should ask me about my bucket list pricing. *wink wink* 

Clean. Thoughtful. Clear. Bright. Crisp. Timeless. Colorful. Candid. CLEAN. THOUGHTFUL. CLEAR. BRIGHT. CRISP. TIMELESS. COLORFUL. CANDID.

I believe that your pictures should be true colored and should last a lifetime. They should capture how a moment looked and felt, and be sealed through time. I stay away from the editing trends and stick to true lights and darks. Editing styles should not get in the way of authentic images. 

I want to capture your day the way it happened. Whether it was the hottest day of the year, the rainiest day after a long drought, the first snow of the season, or the brightest fall; your images should reflect your day perfectly and be a perfect time capsule. 

I keep my skin tones natural, my lights white, and my darks black. This way your images will never go out of style or make you look like you had a spray tan gone bad. 

My editing style

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